Sunday, December 14, 2008

Who Is "Texas Fred" The Zydeco Cowboy?

"Texas Fred" Carter practicing what he
preaches, to the tunes of Andre Thierry
and Zydeco Magic, at Taliano's.

"Welcome to the funkiest show on the radio … the heart and soul of Zydeco. I’m your trail boss Texas Fred, The Zydeco Cowboy.” This noted line echoes through the mic every time Fred Carter hits the radio airwaves.

Best known as Cowboy, Carter has been on a zealous quest, to initiate everyone within earshot of his bass like voice, into a member of his Zydeco posse.

His passion is to spread the word, the gospel about Zydeco, and the ‘joie de vive’ of the Creole culture in Southwest Louisiana/ Southeast Texas as a Creole griot.

His lecture requests range from inner-city schools to staterooms in the Department of Interior. The reaction is always the same, “What is that music, how do you dance to it, where is it from, how can I get my hands on it?”

A native of Prairie View, Texas, a small black college town northwest of Houston, Cowboy has always been interested in music, history, storytelling and horses.

The Trail Boss of Cowboy Party Time (CP Time) can be heard live every Saturday from 2pm - 4pm on 89.3 FM.

“Zydeco is on the rise y’all!”

This is an adaptation of the article
The Zydeco Cowboy, Riding High
By Eric Brace
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, November 15, 2002; Page WE06

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  1. Hey Texas Fred,
    I have been listening to your show for several years. Thank you for bringing Zydeco onto the airways in the D.C. area.
    I have a request. I have been searching for "We Bringing the Heat" Nooney & The Zydeco Floaters and I cannot find a copy to download or buy as a cd.

    I have a request to include the song in a wedding ceremony and I thought I would ask you where I might find the album or even just a copy of the song.

    Thank you so much.
    Joe Mori